Thank you for purchasing a BenQ monitor. We hope that you will enjoy it.

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BenQ takes pride in making products that make life better. That’s why we include
proprietary eye care in many monitors, whether for gaming, streaming,
photo-editing, or designing. ScreenBar takes eye care to the next level.

ScreenBar offers many advantages when combined with BenQ monitors. Our
monitors filter blue light which can damage your eyes and interrupt sleep
patterns. ScreenBar provides proper ambient light around your screen so your
eyes don’t have to repeatedly adjust to the light coming from your monitor. This
helps you avoid eye strain and double vision.

ScreenBar uses precision lighting to shine away from your eyes and monitor. This
minimizes screen-glare and keeps your eyes fresh.

On top of all that, ScreenBar’s unique features make it easy to use and able to
improve your work conditions. It has 14 brightness choices and 8 different color
temperatures, and its auto-dimming function sets brightness to the recommended

After completing this survey you will receive a $20 coupon towards a ScreenBar
purchase. We hope you enjoy combining our eye-care monitors and ScreenBar for
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